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The Bat Design Studio

Exterior linings

High-density panel with core made of heat-hardened synthetic-resin-bonded cellulose-fibre and a netural wood surface protected by a lining with their own formula.

                   Prodema superficial treatment
             Natural wood
                      Bakelite core

Tipes of fixing / Mounting system

Visible fixing:

Visible fixing with wooden strip treated in autoclave for exterior use 40x40 mm and 80x40mm, or appropriate metallic strip. Stainless steel screws, SFS TWSD 12 type, with the possibility of lacquering them the same colour as the wodd.

Continual suface diagram
dilatation join
window horizontal section
upper ventilation meeting
lower ventilation start-up
window perspective
window vertical section
diagram of edge
diagram of edge
  air chamber vertical section


light brown

dark brown

russet brown

Technical characteristics

Type of test Value Units Standard Observations
Specific Weight 1,40+-0,05 kg/dm3 NF 51005 Sandwich
Water Absorption <2 % weight 72 Hours Water at 20 C
Breaking Load 170 MPa ISO 178
Static Flexion 120 MPa ISO 178
Elasticity Module 11000 MPa ISO 178
In Flexion 9000 MPa ISO 178
Reaction to Fire M2 UNE 23727 NF P 92507  
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